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General Information

HTML+ IFilter is an enhanced IFilter for documents in HTML format. It extends default HTML IFilter to support selective indexing of HTML content.

HTML+ IFilter supports Indexing Service, SharePoint Portal Server and all other products based on Microsoft Search technology.

System Requirements

HTML+ IFilter supports the following Microsoft server operating systems:

HTML+ IFilter supports the following Microsoft desktop operating systems:

HTML+ IFilter supports the following Microsoft Search products

Information Retrieval

HTML+ IFilter extends functionality of default HTML IFilter to support selective indexing of HTML content. In can omit parts of HTML content, such as menu or footer, from being indexed. Directives to stop/start indexing are implemented as HTML comments.
<!-- stopindex -->command to stop indexing of HTML text and metadata
<!-- stoptextindex -->command to stop indexing of HTML text content only. Links and metadata will still be indexed
<!-- startindex -->command to start indexing of HTML content

Indexing is turned on by default. After HTML+ IFilter encounters <!-- stoptextindex --> directive, it stops indexing text content but continues to output links and other metadata. In order to resume normal indexing, use <!-- startindex --> directive. In order to stop indexing completely use <!-- stopindex --> directive. Content between 'stopindex' and 'startindex' directives is completely omitted from the output.

Extensions Mapping

Out of the box HTML+ IFilter indexes files with ".html" and ".htm" extensions. It uses standard HTML IFilter to index file content and therefore is fully compatible with SHTML, ASP, ASPX and other documents in HTML format. It can be easily configured to support other extensions, such as ".shtml" or ".aspx". You can use Microsoft FiltReg.exe utility to register the required extensions. Following is a quote from FiltReg.exe help documentation:

Usage: filtreg [dstExt] [srcExt]   Displays IFilter registrations.  If [dstExt] and [srcExt]  are specified then [dstExt] is registered to act like [srcExt].

You can also get a custom version of HTML+ IFilter, precompiled to support all needed extensions for no extra charge. Please contact us for more information.

Installation Instructions

Setup file is a self-extracting archive that must be downloaded and opened on the machine where you wish to use HTML+ IFilter.

  1. Stop all appropriate Search services.
  2. Uninstall any previous version of HTML+ IFilter.
  3. Start setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Start all appropriate Search services.
  5. Re-index catalogs containing HTML files.

How to Uninstall

If you ever have to uninstall HTML+ IFilter application you can easily do it using any of the following methods:

Additional Information


This product includes software developed by Dr John Maddock Copyright (c) 1998-2001 (http://www.boost.org).

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